Hotel Victor was opened in 1916 by the Rivara family. Prior to becoming Hotel Victor it was formerly known as the Hudson Cafe. Victor was Mr. Rivara’s son who he named the hotel and bar after. The hotel was built to accommodate ship workers traveling from Europe to the shipyards. The rooms were small with little amenities. The Rivara family now owns two establishments in New Jersey. The Glenrock inn and Rivara’s steakhouse in Fairlawn.

During the 1920’s the basement was a Speak Easy during prohibition. Called to the fact you had to speak quietly and be careful who you talked to. The archways in the basement also acted as betting windows.

The Hotel Victor sign went up in 1935 with pink neon, which still stands today.
The Hotel Victor was called the Santa Fe Yacht Club in the early 80’s, until Hobson’s choice took over in the mid 90’s.

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