In 1796, the Hoboken Turtle Club was founded and became the first organized social club in American History.
Founded by Col. John Stevens, early membership included Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and John Jay. The first official meeting of the Turtle Club took place at what is not Sybil’s cave.
‘It must first be premised that this is no ordinary club, from the day of its foundation it has existed for but one thing, the principal of epicurean pleasure.’ – Col. Stevens
Today we have re-established and reclaimed their motto of old:
‘As we journey through life, let us live by the way.’

During the week we are your perfect local bar with good food great service and the best drinks. We pride ourselves on our handcrafted cocktails and ability to make your perfect drink. We don’t stop there, our selection of beers is constantly updated incorporating draft, bottles, and cans. Eclectic wine list supporting family owned and organic vineyards employing a low markup philosophy.

We have a very rustic vibe in a classy and comfortable setting.

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