Coal fired pizzas are the signature item at Tommy’s with their crispy crust and slightly charred savoriness that enhances the flavor of the fresh ingredients. One bite and you will know that this is not your typical pizza. Each pizza is a taste combination that begins with the finest ingredients including fresh mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, grated Romano, fresh basil & imported Italian olive oil for a flavor sensation that stands apart. Guests can design their own pizzas with a choice of traditional and unique toppings or select from one of the specialty or artisan pies.

But Tommy’s is more than just pizza. One of the most talked about items at Tommy’s is the award-winning, coal fire roasted wings. Each order of jumbo wings is smothered with oven roasted caramelized onions and cooked to tender perfection in the coal fired oven then topped with an Italian hot finger pepper and homemade bread.

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