Who’s Open on Christmas Eve & Day?

Attention this a Public Safety Announcement, the following is a list of bars that will be either Open or Closed on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in order to help you with family and love ones.  We at the Hoboken Bar Network wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Mulligan’s – Open 12/24 at 11am, Open 12/25 at 4pm
Willie McBrides – Open 12/24
The Ale House – Open 12/24 at 7pm
Hoboken Bar & Grill – Open 12/24 –  10am-7pm
Blue Eyes – Open 12/24
House of Que – Open 12/24 – 11am-5pm
Texas Arizona – Open 12/24
Cadillac Cantina – Open 12/24
Urban Coalhouse – Open 12/24 till 4pm
Village Pourhouse – Open 12/24 til 6pm
Biggies – Closing early on 12/24 & closed on 12/25
1Republik – Open 12/24

CLOSED both days unless noted
Court Street
Arthur’s Tavern
Carpe Diem
The Shepard & the Knucklehead
Grand Vin